The P2 Force is the most versatile and functional piece of resistance training equipment available to the therapy and fitness industry markets.

The P2 Force’s patented technology enables kids and adults of all physical capabilities to successfully perform body weight fitness exercises, such as pull ups, push ups and dips.

The P2 Force gives fitness, rehabilitation and therapy companies the unique competitive advantage of offering their clients the ability to perform virtually any exercise on a single piece of mobile equipment, thus reducing capital expenditures, while maximizing the breadth of services they can offer.

Businesses using the P2 Force offer their clientele faster results in a shorter time using cutting edge technology.


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Martial Arts

The P2 Force’s resistance training improves martial arts performance, as well as maintaining good health and functionality in everyday life.

Fitness - All Ages

The P2 Force patent designed provides effective resistance fitness work-outs for people of all ages, sizes, abilities and capabilities.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The P2 Force addresses therapy protocols for resistance, balance and flexibility training for people of all ages by allowing exercises to be done lying down, kneeling, sitting or standing on a stable or unstable surface.

Athletic Training & Sports Conditioning

The P2 Force was engineered to provide the capability to perform and train any movement (functional or sports-specific) with this single machine.

Physical Education & Adaptive Ed

The P2 Force gives rehabilitation professionals & physical therapists the capability of developing creative protocols that are more effective in a shorter amount of time.

The P2 Force is the perfect addition to any physical therapy clinic. It is truly unique allowing the therapist to set up strength programs in standing, sitting, or even lying positions in minutes.   This is one of the most versatile pieces of rehab equipment that I have worked with.
Deanna Wyatt, PT, MHS
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